Horticultural Maintenance


An example of one of the many gardens Brown and Company maintains regularly

Brown and Company provides a wide range of landscape and horticultural maintenance that can be tailored to suit the customer and the property's needs. From one off gardens or planting bed revitalisation to a full annual maintenance contract we will provide the highest standard of maintenance using the best horticultural practice.

Our premier maintenance service provides the customer with a full annual service including weekly or bi-weekly horticultural maintenance, which consists of mowing, trimming and light hedge trimming; quarterly, seasonal maintenance including formative and developmental pruning; plant division and plant replacement; nutritional management; pest, disease and disorder management; soil amendment and mulching and container and pot display maintenance.

Alternatively to augment an existing garden maintenance service we can offer the customer a quarterly seasonal maintenance programme as described above. This provides the customer with the assurance that anything more than the basic maintenance tasks are carried out by knowledgeable horticulturists in order to keep their gardens healthy and attractive.

We also provide full orchard fruit maintenance service including monthly or bi-monthly spraying, quarterly nutritional management and annual pruning. This will ensure that fruit trees stay as healthy and productive as possible in Bermuda's climate.

We are happy to carry out organic garden maintenance techniques and encourage customers to do so whenever possible in order to better protect our natural environment.

Thank you again to you and your staff for your professionalism and commitment to producing a quality product. ... DB Sept 2013